Thursday, September 6, 2007

28 August 2007 - Upstairs

View from the footpath. There is no way of stopping Adam exploring!

Upstairs. Alex's bedroom and landing/den.

Upstairs. Master bedroom and study.

Boys' bedrooms.
Roof detail.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Roof Goes On

In August the second floor has gone up and the roof has gone on. We have also sold our flat, so have the finances to continue! We have agreed with the buyers that we will move out by the end of October, so we will have to move into the house then, even if it is not finished!

Due to the summer holidays, everything has been progressing more slowly than we had hoped. On average, only two builders have been working on the site at any one time. In the next week or two the windows and doors should go in, the panels should go on the outside of the house, and the cellulose should be blown into the wall cavities. The water-tight shell will then be compete 23 August 2007: The roof tiles go on.
Adam is fascinated!

18 August 2007: The house is taking shape. The downstairs windows are those of the guest room; the upper left window is that of the main bathroom and the upper right that of the den.

11 August 2007: The roof frame will have cellulose blown into it for insulation.

11 August 2007: The front of the house. From left to right the windows at the top are those of the master bedroom, ensuite bathroom and main bathroom. On the ground floor are the kitchen window and front door.

11 August 2007: View of the roof from inside.

1 August 2007: The frame of the first floor and the base of the the roof are completed.

28 July 2007: The first floor is nearly finished.