Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Foundations Finished - March 2007

We've had a bit of a break in postings due to technical reasons, as our home computer crashed with lots of photos on it and we haven't been able to recover the hard drive yet. Emma has also started a new job and has been very busy. Anyway, the foundations were finished in March 2007 and these photos were taken in April 2007. The West garden and base for SW terrace with pebbles. 270m of 3cm-wide tubes for the heating system have already been installed 2.5, 1.8 and 1.1m deep in an 80cm-wide and 45m-long trench under the garden.
The back garden and base for terrace with pebbles.

Most of the foundations with Adam, Emma and Alex and vineyards in the background. There is a good echo down the pipe!

Front garden, path and shed with detail of wall foundations.

The East garden and SE terrace (pebbled area). The mound of earth is where the carport will be and is being saved to make the clay 'plaster'. In front of it are the foundations for the main shed.

The East fence and garden from another angle. A cycle path runs under the row of trees in the background.


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