Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blower Door Test

On 21 September 2007 the first blower door test took place. This test measures the ratio between the volume of air that is leaked within one hour (when via the blower door the house is either under or over pressurisd by 50 pascals) and the total volume of air in the house. For a house to be classified as a passive house, the ratio must be 0.6 or less. The result of this test was 1.2, which meant that some work still needed to be done to tape over holes and gaps, mainly in the roof and around the windows. The second test was done on 9 October 2007, and the ratio was 0.55, so the house meets one of the passive house criteria!! This is the best result that has ever been measured on a house in Slovakia! We will do a third test later, which should have an even better result, as more insulation, plaster, clay, wood, etc, has yet to be put on the outer and inner walls. For more info on blower door tests go to:

The blower door.

Software is used to calculate the measurements.

Testing for leakages.

This was an interesting event for lots of people. Representatives from the Architectural Faculty, Passive House Institute, and the various companies working on our house attended.

The builders make sure that all of the gaps are covered with special tape. See "15 and 16 July 2007 - Air Tightness Tape and Beams" blog for more information.


Juraj said...

I've come across this blog by pure chance and I'm amazed by your enthusiasm and courage to pioneer the passivhaus in Slovakia. Great pity I could not make it to the open day...would've loved to experience this amazing project first hand. Anyway, good luck!

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Passive houses can be constructed from dense or lightweight materials, but some internal thermal mass is normally incorporated to reduce summer peak temperatures, maintain stable winter temperatures, and prevent possible overheating in spring or autumn.

Testy said...

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