Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Clay Walls

A very distinctive feature of our house is the clay walls. The clay helps to optimise the humidity
in the house, is a natural and safe material (thus adding to the healthy living environment), and looks gorgeous! However, applying it to the walls is a labour intensive and time consuming exercise. By the time it is finished, it will have taken three to four months of one to three people working on it most days, to complete it.

As this method is still quite experimental, some thin cracks unfortunately started to appear in some of the finished walls. The way to prevent this is to apply a layer of gauze to the base coat of clay (using clay) before adding the top coat (the suppliers of the clay had originally said that this wouldn't be necessary). Several of the walls have had to be redone, but at least the problem was spotted before most of the walls were finished.

5 January 2008. The master bedroom. The walls can be left in the basic clay colour, or different coloured sands can be used to make the top coat of clay.

19 January 2008. One corner of the living room.

21 December 2007. The living/dining rooms. The rounded edges look lovely!

December 2007. The base layer of clay in the living room and dining room.
Reeds were stapled to the wooden interior partition walls so that the clay would stick to them. Emma’s dad did most of the stapling when he was over in November. Emma’s parents had come over to help with the move, but found themselves doing building tasks instead!
As reported in previous blogs, unfired clay bricks were used to add insulation to the insides of the exterior walls. The base layer of clay could go straight onto these.

A thin wash of clay was painted over the reeds to make sure the thick clay would stick.

In November, Emma's parents went to the south of Slovakia near the Hungarian border to buy reeds from an old cooperative farm. It was a good challenge and cultural experience for them!


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This is great. I wonder what kind of temperature it could give to the house owner since it was built somewhere in Slovakia.

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Games William Hill Bingo has recently free poker strengthened its offer of bingo 80 ball bingo, this option is in texas holdem poker addition to the many 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. There are many decent jackpots offered in bingo. Full house in 38 balls or less wins you Rocket cash of L 2500 while packing a full house in 33 or less will award the progressive jackpot Mountain Money. Money Mountain jackpot starts at L 10,000 and has grown considerably over L 50,000 before they got in the past. This is William Hill say, so you should expect the mini-games galore. Bingo slots and bingo cards can be played between the beginning of games and a very impressive jackpots. Clover Rollover jackpot slot machine, in particular, has reached more than L 100,000 prize on several occasions.
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In addition, regular charges with cash prizes of up to L 100 run regularly on the site online poker and win this all you have to do is continue playing. A total of 200 prizes are awarded each month, including 100 pounds of pot, L 50, two second prizes, 20 prizes of L 10, L 80 and 5 awards two L 107 prizes. For every L 1 that you spend you will receive one entry in the draw so the more you play, the greater the chance of winning one of these monthly gifts.
Williamhillbingo offers a wide selection of free bingo, BOGOF bingo and guaranteed jackpot games. Run the L 8,000 Bingo Linx day, 1000 pounds worth of free bingo games and many other one-off game for the whole month.
William Hill Bingo - Our verdict free money for poker. Minimalist design and style is quite a relief online poker, easy to use and everything is in the right place. Plus, this is the site for real fans of online games, with so many side games, instant win and slots to choose from. Selection, brightness, sound bingo games and high-quality design. In total, William Hill Bingo is a good bet! Other big names in the bingo. William Hill is one of the biggest players in the online bingo world, who are in direct competition with Virgin Bingo and Foxy Bingo, which will bring something different to the table.
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