Saturday, July 28, 2007

19 July 2007 - The First Floor Goes Up

In the hottest week since weather records began, and with temperatures reaching 40 degrees plus, the frame for the first floor went up. This was not a good week to be working on a building site!

Don't drop it!

Adam explores. The floors inside will be 30 centimetres above the current base.

Adam and the views from the living room windows. Unfortunately, more houses will be built on the plots next to ours.

At this point we went to the neighbours for a cool drink and for Alex to play in their pool!

Peter and the electricity meter.

20 July 2007: inside the house. The gap in the ceiling is where the staircase will go up. At the moment the beams are covered with OSB boards, so that the builders can work on the first floor. In the end they will be covered with nice planks of wood. Our nearest neighbours' house is visible out the back. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to buy that plot as well.


Rob Wotzak, Assoc. Editor said...

Great project! I added your blog to a list on this page of our green home building website:
I can't wait to see the finished home.
Thanks for sharing,

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