Saturday, October 13, 2007

18 September 2007 - Windows Go In

On 18 September 2007 the windows went in. They came from the Czech company called Janosik (not to be confused with the Slovak Robin Hood!). As our windows won't need to opened (the ventilation system will ensure that we always have fresh air in the house), half of them don't open. However, as people expect to be able to open windows, every room has at least one window that can be opened! They are red on the outside and pine (to match the beams, etc) on the inside.
Around the same time that the windows went in, insulation was put around the bottom of the outer walls.
One of the den windows. Airtightness tape is covering all the spots where air could go in or out.

The neighbours are building a wall around their garden that we'll have to cover with bushs or some other kind of attractive cladding.

Close up of window and tape used to seal it in. The windows have also been screwed in.

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Hillary Blundell said...

Well, it's still essential to have some windows that can be opened in the house, you know, just in case there's an emergency or something. You're lucky your ventilator is well-installed and gives the house some fresh air. Matching the beam colors seems a pretty good idea!