Thursday, October 11, 2007

Progress Mid September

So much has happened over the past month that I haven't had time to update the blog! Here is a brief look at what happened in the first half of September. 8 September 2007: Thick cardboard cladding starts to go on the outside of the house.

11 September 2007: The interior walls have started to go up.

15 September 2007: Close up of cladding and guttering.

From 11-26 September the cellulose insulation was blown into the wall and roof cavities. This took a lot longer than expected, partly because of the number of cavities to fill, and partly because the machine wasn't stong enough to achieve the correct pressure. In the end it was done properly!

The cellulose pump.

Holes were cut into the walls (at intervals so that each cavity could be filled) in order to pump in the cellulose.

Alex, Adam and Emma in the play area.

15 September 2007: We have a cardboard box for a house!


Brandon said...

Wow! Can't believe how you're so dedicated to blog all the details of this house. That was such a good thing. Thank you so much! I really appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

Great Picturs of how you did built your timber frame house. Was it the kids that did all the work ?

Daniel. said...

Quite curious to see how you are getting on now - 4 years after your last post, surely it's done now!

I was looking up uses of clay in buildings and wondered how it has held up for your building.

Cheers from a foreigner also in Slovakia!

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