Friday, November 16, 2007

Walls and Ceilings, Plumbing, Electrics

When you are having a house built, you don't have time to update a blog! A lot has happened in recent weeks: mainly to do with the interior fittings. Also, at the end of October we had to move out of our flat. The buyers had paid for it in August and agreed to let us stay on for a few months. As the house is behind schedule, we are now living with my amazing friend and her two children in her huge house in the village next to ours. 15 October 2007: Adam helps the plumber install the toilet.

Alex and Adam put all the pipes in order.

In mid October the electric wiring was also installed and clay bricks were laid as interior insulation. The bricks have not been fired, in order to help ensure optimum humidity in the house. They have been laid using a German technique that does not need mortar. Clay 'plaster' will go on top.

9 October 2007: Oak cladding goes up on the top half of house.

29 September 2007: The final downstairs ceiling.

Detail of mesh and plaster on bottom half of house outside (obviously not finished!).

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